“To promote and protect outdoor heritage and conservation through educating, inspiring, entertaining, and simplifying outdoor activities to increase participation for both novice and experience styled outdoorsmen while demonstrating respect and wholesome values for the blessing and beauty of the natural world.”

The majority of hunters are white men over the age of 55. As this demographic continues to age and slowly stop hunting over time, the newer generations aren’t stepping up to fill this void. This means less hunting and fishing licenses sold which means less money available to protect our natural resources.


We hope to change this downturn by making hunting and fishing more accessible through educational and entertaining content. Every episode of The Green Way Outdoors is about a specific tactic for a specific species. Through our hunting and fishing trips, we are able to take you from nature to the dinner table every episode.


The Green Way Outdoors is taking over the outdoor industry with an entirely new style of entertainment focused on bringing the outdoors to Millenials and Gen-Z.