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Kyle Green is my guest in Hour 3 this week. Kyle is host of The Green Way Outdoors TV show on the History Channel.


Kyle Green is a passionate hunter and conservationist. He is the host and Emmy-nominated producer of The Green Way Outdoors TV show on The History Channel. In this article, Kyle Green explores the performance of the new 400 Legend straight-walled cartridge and its popularity in limited firearms zones.

On Hunting Media with Kyle Green

Kyle Green of Green Way Outdoors joins Reid in a wide-ranging and inspirational conversation about outdoor media, recruitment of new outdoors people, and the opportunity to cast hunting and fishing in a fresh and positive light to the mainstream.

EP - 45 Kyle Green of The Green Way Outdoors

On this episode, we're sitting down with Kyle Green of The Green Way Outdoors. He shares with us how The Green Way Outdoors got started and we dive into turkey hunting, paddlefish snagging, bison hunting and more!

New to Wild TV This Month – The Green Way Outdoors

The ten episodes set for delivery cover a large expanse of American states and species. Fans of host and producer Kyle Green can expect to encounter outdoor adventures such as targeting kingfish in Florida, salmon in Alaska, quail and duck in Washington, and much more.

Ep. 504 – The Green Way Outdoors: From Car Salesman to Conservationist

In this episode of the Ducks Unlimited podcast, host John Gordon interviews Kyle Green, the host and executive producer of The Green Way Outdoors podcast. Kyle shares his excitement about an upcoming one-minute conservation segment about Ducks Unlimited that will be airing on A&E and History Channel, showcasing how DU is making a difference in his hometown. He also discusses his journey in the outdoor industry and his goal of reaching new audiences.

Safari Club International and The Green Way Outdoors Partner on The HISTORY

Washington, D.C.— Safari Club International (SCI) and The Green Way Outdoors are proud to announce an exciting new partnership, which includes an SCI segment that airs during select episodes this fall on the HISTORY Channel.


Waterfowl hunting is not easy. And it can be a cold and wet experience. But gosh, we love it! The love for hunting ducks and geese tends to sink into your bones.Duck hunting is never as straight-forward as it seems, so we’ve compiled a list of waterfowl hunting hacks from our ambassadors and partners to help you make the most of your hunting season!

U Beautiful Creation Podcast with Guest Kyle Green.

Kyle Green from The Green Way Outdoors talks openly about his faith in Christianity. Kyle and his crew were determined to follow the dream of having a hunting show with the word of God incorporated into it. With numerous declines from various organizations, he would not compromise. Five years ago when Kyle and his crew were looking at the last episode recording, because no sponsor and time was running out, hear how God came through and gave the great breakthrough. 🙂 You can follow Kyle at www.TheGreenWayOutdoors.com

My City | October 2023 Digital Edition

My City magazine profiled Kyle Green and The Green Way Outdoors on there success debuting on History Channel and what it took taking the show to a mainstream network.

Kyle Green featured on Hunting Matters

On Hunting Matters, Houston Safari Club Foundation Executive Director Joe Betar engages in conversations with guests, from various backgrounds, that have a passion for hunting and conservation. Obviously a great fit for TGWO's very own Kyle Green.

Nosler Sponsorship Press Release

Four guys started an outdoor education conservation series, The Green Way Outdoors, that is making it to the big leagues.

NWTF Announces TGWO's History Channel premiere

In early 2023, The National Wild Turkey Federation partnered with The Green Way Outdoors to advocate for the conservation of our vital forests, wetlands and woodlands, striving to protect hunting practices and access for future generations and beyond.

Savage Sponsorship Press Release

The Green Way Outdoors on The History Channel® has received a new firearm sponsor for their next season coming up this fall, and it is none other than Savage Arms.

Kyle Green featured on The Nomadic Outdoorsman

On this episode of The Nomadic Outdoorsman Dan talks with tv show host and outdoor fanatic Kyle Green about his journey into outdoor media and his passions in the field.

CBS News

Four guys started an outdoor education conservation series, The Green Way Outdoors, that is

making it to the big leagues.

NWTF Partnership Announcement

The Green Way Outdoors Partners with National Wild Turkey Federation to Spread the Word of Conservation in the Outdoor Industry in 2023

Top Ten Clix Chill Short Vid Streamers for Summer

Yahoo reports on The Green Way Outdoors making entry #8 on ClixTV’s summer Streamer list:


8. Kyle Green is the eco-friendly superhero of outdoorsmen. Green and cool. Crank up the AC and watch!

Binge-Watch The Green Way Outdoors TV Show on CarbonTV

The Outdoor Wire reports on TGWO streaming on CarbonTV:

Emmy nominated host and executive producer, Kyle Green, brings his popular TV series “The Green WayOutdoors TV Show” to CarbonTV, available now to stream.

Kyle Green on Michigan Crossbow Hunters

Kyle joins Martin on Michigan Crossbow Hunters to discuss a number of different topics, including hunting with dogs, to the premise of “The Green Way Outdoors.”

Ted Nugent's Spirit Campfire with special guest Kyle Green

Ted Nugent and John Brenkus invite Kyle to join them on the Spirit Campfire where he gives them an inside look at The Green Way Outdoors TV show.

Kyle Green On Outdoor Weekly with Julie McQueen

Kyle joins Julie McQueen to discuss the new laws in California surrounding fur trapping. What does it mean for the future of all outdoor activities?

Kyle Green On Mike Avery Outdoors Radio Show

Kyle Green joins legendary Mike Avery to discuss the future of hunting and fishing with millennials and generation Z. He explains how he is using social media and his TV show to grow the outdoor participation numbers with our youth.

Kyle Green on The Revolution with Jim & Trav

Kyle Green had the opportunity to talk with The Revolution on Hawaii hunting and The Green Way Outdoors.