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Join The Green Way Outdoors Team as we travel the world, exploring unique conservation stories, and learning the history of the animals we hunt!

Every episode includes a specific hunting or fishing tactic for a specific species. Through our hunting and fishing trips, we take you from nature to dinner table every episode.

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The majority of hunters are white men over the age of 55. As this demographic continues to age and slowly stop hunting over time, the newer generations aren’t stepping up to fill this void. This means less hunting and fishing licenses sold which means less money available to protect our natural resources.

We hope to change this downturn by making hunting and fishing more accessible through educational and entertaining content. Every episode of The Green Way Outdoors is about a specific tactic for a specific species. Through our hunting and fishing trips, we are able to take you from nature to the dinner table every episode.

The Green Way Outdoors is taking over the outdoor industry with an entirely new style of entertainment focused on bringing the outdoors to Millenials and Gen-Z.


The Green Way Outdoors Podcast is your trusted source for outdoor information and entertainment. Each podcast provides

a behind-the-scenes look at upcoming episodes of the TV Show, stories from the road, and current hunting and fishing topics.

TGWO PODCAST - Episode 113 - History Channel Episodes 1 & 2 Deep Dive

On this episode, the guys talk about episodes one and two of their History Channel show, The Green Way Outdoors.

Episode 1: Bison-Bison-Bison

Episode 2: The Invasive Carp Disaster

Tune in to THE HISTORY CHANNEL on Saturdays at 9AM to watch back-to-back episodes of The Green Way Outdoors.



What do you get when you cram a podcast, a hunting/fishing show, and a cooking show into one video? A Huntcast!

Join us on our adventures as we take you on a hunt and also dive a bit deeper into the details and current  controversies surrounding our target.

TGWO Huntcast - Episode 7: How to fish small river trout using onXHunt & QuietKat

Have you ever wanted to try trout fishing? Kyle Green of The Green Way Outdoors teaches you all you need to know. From how to locate the right fishing area on @onXHunt to where to cast once on the river.