Every episode of The Green Way Outdoors is about a specific tactic for a specific species. Through our hunting and fishing trips, we are able to take you from nature to the dinner table every episode. The show is fun for all age groups!

The Green Way Gear Checklist

We highlight all of the needed gear for the specific tactic and species for that episode. This way, the viewer can make a list before their hunt. In order to inspire people to try the tactic, they need to know exactly what we are using and where to buy it. Studies show that a checklist is the most inviting way to accomplish this.

Conservation Corner

This segment is aimed at “decriminalizing” the hunting or fishing trip by explaining what the dollars for the license we bought do for the species we are targeting. We also highlight conservation groups as well as ways the viewer can get even more involved in helping the target species. In the end, the viewer will realize it is hunter dollars and time that do the most for conservation.

The Hunting/Fishing Trip

This segment is shot in a reality show style format. We show everything. The highlight of the way we do things is the humor of the show. When you have a couple of buddies who grew up with each other, the laughs are constant. While we would consider ourselves pretty universally skilled, we never act as if we know everything. We are constantly bringing on guests that show us the ropes on tactics we have never done. Sometimes we are the educators, sometimes we learn right along with the audience. Either way, the viewer will laugh and learn how to do a specific tactic for a specific species.


We pray and give a life lesson from the bible every episode. This is shot using B-roll, voiceover, and recorded Live footage. In a world where morals and God have been hidden, we proudly stand for both.


We show the audience how to cook the wild game we harvest that episode. Organic is hip, and health benefits matter. Wild game is lean and healthy. However, most people have a disconnect with the cooking and utilization of the game. The final segment of the show consists of us cooking a recipe for the specific species we harvest in that episode. This takes place in our studio kitchen. Cooking shows are some of the most popular in the entire marketplace, and this segment is a fan favorite.

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