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Join The Green Way Outdoors Team as we travel the world, exploring unique conservation stories, and learning the history of the animals we hunt!

Every episode includes a specific hunting or fishing tactic for a specific species. Through our hunting and fishing trips, we take you from nature to dinner table every episode.

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The Green Way Outdoors Podcast is your trusted source for outdoor information and entertainment. Each podcast provides

a behind-the-scenes look at upcoming episodes of the TV Show, stories from the road, and current hunting and fishing topics.


In this podcast Kyle debates vegan, Chris Lose. This is a civil and kind deep conversation that will truly make you think. Some of the themes of this debate consist of: -Wildlife management -The vegan practice -The morals and ethics of being a meat eater or vegan -Modern farming techniques -American infrastructure



The Green Way Outdoors VLOG takes you on our weekly adventures with us! We might be hunting, fishing, gathering, cooking, snowboarding, cliff diving, or even trying to build a blind for our duck boat. We created the VLOG so that we could interact with our audience year-round, and build the audience relationship with our whole team! This series is produced very differently than our History Channel TV show because we want you to feel like you are right there with us. Look for this new flavor of The Green Way Outdoors every Friday on our YouTube Channel! 

VLOG 7 - How science proves God exists

Kyle gives an overview of how science and God have crossovers that indicate that world around is made by intelligent design. the Big Bang, giant clams in the Himalayas, DNA code and the perfect universal order of gravity are all overviewed at this event!

The Green Way Outdoors " How To " Series


The majority of hunters are white men over the age of 55. As this demographic continues to age and slowly stop hunting over time, the newer generations aren’t stepping up to fill this void. This means less hunting and fishing licenses sold which means less money available to protect our natural resources.

We hope to change this downturn by making hunting and fishing more accessible through educational and entertaining content. Every episode of The Green Way Outdoors is about a specific tactic for a specific species. Through our hunting and fishing trips, we are able to take you from nature to the dinner table every episode.

The Green Way Outdoors is taking over the outdoor industry with an entirely new style of entertainment focused on bringing the outdoors to Millenials and Gen-Z.