The Green Way Outdoors VLOG takes you on our weekly adventures with us! We might be hunting, fishing, gathering, cooking, snowboarding, cliff diving, or even trying to build a blind for our duck boat. We created the VLOG so that we could interact with our audience year-round, and build the audience relationship with our whole team! This series is produced very differently than our History Channel TV show because we want you to feel like you are right there with us. Look for this new flavor of The Green Way Outdoors every Friday on our YouTube Channel! 

Here’s a good look into the day to day life of being on The Green Way Outdoors crew. None of the daily task comes without a little bit of fun mixed in. After filming some product promos and review videos for EGO Fishing, Kyle and AJ head out into the frigid water to get their scuba fix!

In this vlog, Ryan talks about his experience with becoming scuba certified. He goes over some of the things that he wished he had known prior to taking the class. Some of the points he discusses are: equipment you use, difficulty of skills, what you should look for in an instructor, and much more!

In this VLOG, Ryan tests out the fruit and wine press from Roots & Harvest. Having no prior experience with equipment like this, Ryan finds himself learning along the way. Even so, his journey will teach you how to use a fruit and wine press! The end result was incredibly tasty juice! Want your own fruit and wine press? Have a lot of garden and game processing equipment needs? https://www.rootsandharvest.com

If you’re looking for the Fruit and Wine Press specifically:


Kyle and Jeff head to northern Michigan for a bachelor party. And let me tell YOU! Things got CRAY CRAY. They put the Tracker SXS to the test with some off-roading and mud bogging. Kyle also went to Legends Ranch in Bitley, Michigan to speak at a wild game dinner. Kyle and Jeff show off how well rounded and precise their palates are with a food review! Watch and see the delectable food they ingest.

Jeff Hutchinson, of The Green Way Outdoors takes you through the step by step process of tapping trees for maple syrup. He then shows you how to process the sap and make delicious organic candy with the syrup! Get the pancakes ready!

The Green Way Outdoors team has their own way of filming content. A few do the work of many around here. This is a behind the scenes look at how we filmed an upcoming how-to video called “How to choose the right bullet for your hunt.” We laugh, we problem solve, and we shoot a Savage 28 Nosler into shooting gel blocks. All while using a camera capable of shooting at 150,000 FPS! This is what we do!

In this vlog, Ryan experiments with a pheasant by trying a new recipe. The Recipe is super similar to beer can chicken, but the meat is actually pheasant. Using a Recteq Smoker Grill and Rufus Teague sauce he put his skills to the test!

Kyle goes goose hunting with his buddies from M.U.C.C. (Michigan United Conservation Club) on a Golf Course that hasn’t been hunted on in many years. Everyone knows golf courses are stronghold for geese, so getting to hunt them on hole 9 is wicked awesome.

Kyle gives an overview of how science and God have crossovers that indicate that world around is made by intelligent design. the Big Bang, giant clams in the Himalayas, DNA code and the perfect universal order of gravity are all overviewed at this event!

Kyle Green and Jeff Hutchinson of The Green Way Outdoors head to Port Hope Michigan to rabbit hunt with Caleb Malooley of The Gasoline Gypsies and Ray Hoody of HotShot Outfitters.

In this episode of “Ryan doesn’t know what he’s doing”, he puts together a diesel heater that he found for a discount on amazon. He shows you how to put it together as well as some real world applications for this heater. This device should be in every persons home in the event that there is an emergency that requires heat.

Kyle Green & Jeff Hutchinson of The Green Way Outdoors meet up with Karly of  @SCIFirstForHunters  Flint for their first annual squirrel competition. It is extremely cold in Michigan but almost 100 hunters still show up! Follow Jeff and Kyle on their hunt and then see how who won the big prizes!


Ryan Parks does full overview and review of SHOTKAM’s new Gen 4 Camera. In this video he goes over

VLOG 2 - THESE THINGS COME FROM A CAN?? - Testing ShotKam 4th Gen camera on pheasants.

Kyle, Ryan and Kellen test their equipment in the field on Pheasants. Equipment being tested is BOSS Shotshells, ShotKams 4th Gen, Savage Arms 16 gauge over and under. Using the Shotkam cameras can help a hunter understand their good or bad tendencies and overall get better as hunter.


Kyle Green of The Green Way Outdoors breaks down the new straight-wall cartridge, The 400 Legend. Find out how the ballistics stack up against the 350 Legend and 450 Bushmaster.