The Green Way Outdoors team discusses hot topics in the outdoor world as well as current events and anything nature. The podcast is hosted by Kyle Green and Jeff Hutchinson, as well as Ryan Parks and AJ Beadle of the production team for the TV show. Tune in for great information and tons of laughs! New podcasts are updated weekly on Wednesdays!


The team talks about their weekend rabbit hunt and the difficulties of filming cottontails on the fly. They also dive into the benefits America has geographically, and why that benefited the country during its early years. What do you think the cause of the next mass human die off will be? Find out what the guys think! A woman was attacked by a Jaguar at the zoo because she broke the rules and got too close to the fencing. Should the Jaguar be put down? The guys weigh in. Some hunting trips seem more “normal” than others, see what happens when the guys accidentally target iguana! Finally, the guys discuss the Lynx that was trapped in the thumb of Michigan and Ryan eats a live minnow on camera!


The Green Way Outdoors team talks about their recent 3 day fishing trip and Kyle’s Master Angler walleye. Then they talk about giving up things for lent and how their team stays away from depression. Kyle also saw a GIANT animal and no one believes him. Tune in to find out what it was!


The Green Way Outdoors team just got back from a crazy 5 day trip in New Orleans. They targeted Redfish & Crawfish, but they also celebrated Mardi Gras! They were also in an extremely dangerous situation, find out what happened!


The team discusses their upcoming New Orleans trip. Tune in to find out what their new plan is now that they have realized it is during Mardi Gras! Then they discuss the Woolly Mammoth and decide if they would be willing to hunt the very last one. Finally, they discuss some interesting facts on Coyotes and recent studies on video games. Do they make people violent? Do they improve a hunters reaction time? Tune in and find out!


The Green Way Outdoors team discusses kids hunting, cannibalism and what animals in North America are most likely to kill you!


The Green Way Outdoors team has had a ton of interesting, scary and hilarious filming trips. They talk about some of their favorite filming stories and then debate about GMO’s and health.


The Green Way Outdoors team plans their Season 3 finale on air and then they break down the “farm raised” vs “wild caught” fish debate.


The Green Way Outdoors team discusses the upcoming Python episode, ice fishing experiences, the ethics of trapping, and “Toxic Masculinity.”


The team discusses the upcoming Detroit River Walleye episode. Then you find out what mystery critter Jeff caught in his muskrat trap this past weekend. Finally, they cover the ethics behind eating roadkill and the Steve Rinella controversy everyone is talking about!


The Green Way Outdoors team discusses the week 3 Rainy Day Dove Episode. Then they move onto a philosophical question that will make you look at Sandhill Cranes differently. Finally they talk about what Akon is doing for the people of Africa!


The Green Way Outdoors team discusses their West Virginia Bear hunt, the REAL facts on honey bee populations, and how anti-venom is made!


The Green Way Outdoors team discussed the brook trout episode and their Season 3 premiere. Then they talk about the difference in mentalities between caring for an individual animal or the entire herd. They also answer the age old question, are natural disasters good or bad? Finally, they conclude by discussing some of their favorite wild game recipes from past seasons and showing you their cooking segment from brook trout!


The team discussed woodcock and grouse hunting. They also had Ryan’s father on the show to discuss upland game bird dogs and woodcock banding. Then they talk about the morality of hunting and how the DNR & Sportsmen’s Alliance represent the people


The Green Way Outdoors team talks about their uber ride with a guy from Venezuela, PTSD with veterans, their new partnerships, and when vegans attack!


The Green Way Outdoors team discusses their upcoming trip to Florida where they will be targeting giant pythons and iguanas. Then they touch on Cocaine Hippos and the mentality difference between poachers and true hunters.


The Green Way Outdoors team talked about a guy who didn’t get attached to his hang glider and almost died. Then they talk about the Christian missionary killed by the Sentinels tribe and who should be able to claim a deer two people shot? After that, they cover their upcoming Bear hunting trip and explain why you should NEVER feed deer in the winter!


The Green Way Outdoors team talks about gun safety and firearm disasters over the firearm deer season in Michigan. Then they talk about Ann Arbor choosing to sterilize their deer herd and learn how to trap muskrats from Ray Hoody at Hot Shot Outfitters!


The Green Way Outdoors is your number one VIDEO podcast in the outdoor industry. On this episode, the guys cover boom & bust waterfowl populations, a recent diver duck hunt, and aging duck and other meats.


Join The Green Way Outdoors team for our podcast as we inform and entertain you on all things hunting and fishing. Episode 2 includes the health benefits of eating deer organs, weigh in on the antler restriction debate and answer some audience questions!


Join The Green Way Outdoors for our debut podcast as we inform and entertain you on all things hunting and fishing. Episode one includes an introduction to our team, hunters harassing other hunters, killer squirrel brains, and New Jersey’s bear hunting ban!