Episode 19: Canada Goose Layout Blind Hunt PREVIEW

The Green Way Outdoors team heads to the thumb of Michigan to target Canada geese! Group hunting has never been so entertaining! Check out the full episode on Sportsman Channel to join in on the fun!

Episode 18: Night Time Raccoon PREVIEW

The Green Way Outdoors team heads over to their friends at Jank’s Pheasant Farm. They are having serious issues with Raccoons killing their pheasants. So, the guys do a night time raccoon hunt in exchange for a little pheasant hunting. Check out this preview video and then watch the full episode on Sportsman Channel!

Episode 17: Detroit River Walleye Ft. Granger Smith PREVIEW

The Green Way team is heading out to the Detroit River for the spring Walleye run. This time they’re accompanied by country music singer, Granger Smith. Tune in to Sportsman Channel to see how they did.

Episode 16: Hawaii Wild Boar & Spearfishing PREVIEW

The Green Way Outdoors team heads to Hawaii to hunt wild pigs, spearfish and surf. Come along for the ride!

Episode 15: Hawaiian Axis Deer PREVIEW

Kyle and Jeff head to Maui, Hawaii in pursuit of the Axis Deer. Follow them as they adventure through the jungles, deserts, and mountains on the island.

EPISODE 14: Lake Sturgeon PREVIEW

On the search for a prehistoric fish that can get to be over 100 years old; the guys head out to find the dinosaur-like creature.

Episode 13: The Persistent Laker PREVIEW

The Green Way Outdoors team heard about a shallow water Lake Trout fishery in their home state of Michigan. They only have a few days left for safe ice fishing, can they find the big Laker they are looking for?

Episode 12: Bobber Fishing for Red Fish PREVIEW

Kyle makes his way South, to the Gulf of Mexico in search of a fish tends to be strangely vocal when caught. Kyle is after the delicious Red Fish. Tune in to see the incredible creatures.

Episode 11: Youth Pike PREVIEW

The Green Way Outdoors team host a party on the ice! They are targeting Northern Pike through the ice with two 6 year old girls looking to catch their first fish! It’s an action packed and adorable episode. Here is the sneak peak!

Episode 10: Shotgun Rabbit PREVIEW

The Green Way Outdoors team head to the thumb in Michigan in search of cottontail rabbits. It’s going to be an action packed and hilarious ride!

Episode 9: Cajun Crawfish Trapping PREVIEW

The Green Way Outdoors team head to the deep south of Louisiana in pursuit of the full crawfish trapping experience. Crawfish Haven’s Barry Toupes, helps the guys learn the cajun way to trap these highly desirable and delectable creatures. Tune in and watch how they do it.

Episode 8: Grabbing Pythons PREVIEW

The Green Way Outdoors team heads to the Florida Everglades to investigate and hunt an invasive predator, the Burmese Python.

Episode 7: Youth Whitetail PREVIEW

On this brand new episode The Green Way Outdoors team gets the opportunity to take some kids out on their very first deer hunt! This is an extra special trip because Kyle & his dad have Kyle’s cousin Ashley with them. There will be old guns and young kids. Tune in!

Episode 6: Hooking Peacock Bass PREVIEW

The Green Way Outdoors team heads to Miami Florida in search of the beautiful and aggressive Peacock Bass.

Episode 5: Jigging Detroit River Walleye PREVIEW

The guys are targeting walleye in their home town of Detroit. The migration is on and the fish are biting!

Episode 4: Trapping Muskrat PREVIEW

The team learns a new trade, muskrat trapping! Can you name the bonus species they trapped in this video?

Episode 3: Rainy Day Dove PREVIEW

The Green Way Outdoors team heads to Ohio in search of the highly abundant Mourning dove. Only problem, it’s definitely not a blue bird day!

Episode 2: Late Season Black Bear PREVIEW

Kyle Green heads to West Virginia for a late season black bear. No guide, no dogs, and no bait. A surprise cold front is pushing the bears into hibernation and Kyle’s chances are starting to look grim. Can he get the job done before it’s too late?

Episode 1: Spinner Brook Trout PREVIEW

The Green Way Outdoors team heads to Northern Michigan in search of keeper Brook Trout.